theray, How this works:

Therapy is a process of inner development and growth. A process in which you learn more about yourself.

My task as a therapist and an analyst is to support my patients in their process, in helping them raise awareness of who they are, rediscovering their own power over their life and assisting them to follow their own unique way in life.

You are a unique being, with a unique way of life.

This process of inner growth has many different aspects, at times it involves uncovering old painful experience, at times it means being honest to oneself, other times it would require finding out who one is or realizing what patterns of thinking, behavior or beliefs stay in one’s way to be happy and achieve one’s goals. It might mean coming to terms with adverse experience in life, might include suffering and pain, because this all belongs to life. Might also mean reconnecting to joy, inspiration and hope. I support you as an analyst and psychotherapist through all aspects of the process.

The mutual trust between therapist and patient is the ground for the inner process.

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